Art Design-Floral Agency

Special Flowers for Special People

Art Design provides floral design, interior plant design, and plant care services.

We work with offices, hotels, commercial and residential, event spaces and private clients.

Offering first-rate flowers and plants

Our services requirements are $250 minimum.

Our goal /purpose is to create live islands in your office, home, terrace, hotel or balcony.

Flowers and Living plants are getting a significant role in an indoor environment. Cut flowers or Interior plants fill up the workplace or living space with beauty and create a relaxing atmosphere. It is an exciting process to work with every project. And our mission is to realize your idea of flowering heaven.

Located in the Bay Area/North California, Art Design serves San Francisco/Bay Area

Featured services:

  • Floral design
  • Interior plant design
  •  Plants maintenance
  • Orchid garden
  • Flowers for Soulmate is a special service for someone who wants to surprise a loved one. We would decorate with flowers at any place where you would like to surprise someone – hotel room, bedroom, a table for dinner, etc…

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